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Thursday 20 May 2010

U1A InDesign Workshop Write Up

Daniel Dunbar

InDesign Training

Session One:
Discussed the needs of the Student, what his objective was and how best to achieve that.
A brief overview of Indesign was given, highlighting key points that the student needed to know. Those points were:

- Keeping files organised and preparing a new project using structured filing systems
- Layout of New Document - Setting Margins, Bleed, Page size, Columns
- Discussed Facing Pages and master pages, in particular setting up a template for future leaflets

We then created a dummy leaflet layout using the settings to fit an A4 page. Once the template was set up, we went through some key tools needed to create the leaflet:

- Layers - Showed the user how to set out content and how best to manage existing layers
- Swatch Palettes - How to set up a colour scheme for the document
- Text Frame options - Fitting content to the desired size and adjusting columns
- Altering text options - Paragraph settings, justification, text wrapping
- Images- importing, Adjusting size, rotating, altering shape, working with text and images in the same document.
- Styles - Changing effects, Drop Shadows etc. And how to manipulate individual items with various styles and parameters.

The user then used his skills learnt to create a dummy leaflet which contained examples of everything we'd gone through.
We then proceeded to look at the printer settings and how to adjust any parameters to get the right print.

Many thanks,

Matt Healey

MVA Technician
Willingdon Community School

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