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Friday 29 October 2010

U2.2 Printer's

I have now returned the proof to the designer with my choice of cover and only 1 minor change.

I have decided not to take it all the sponsors as I feel they will be much happier as the quality has improved, and if i did do this it will slow down the whole printing process.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

U2.2 Printer's

Today I collected the proof from the designers.

I am very impressed with the design layout used. All the logos have been re-designed to a much higher level, and a great choice of different front covers.

I will have to go though it to make sure I am happy with all aspects.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

U2.2 - envelopes

Today I have ordered the C4 envelopes which the final calendar will be given in.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

U2.2 Printer

Today I went to see the designer and printer. I took the sample page with me to show him what I would like on the page.

We talked about making a few changes which are:

Month not over the image so people could cut them out etc
Having the charity information on every page.

I will be getting a fully made calendar to look at instead of an online prof.

Info for the calendar.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

U2.2 Charity

The charity have asked for some general information about the project to use to write something in their newsletter.

This Is what I have sent them:

The competition and project have been created as part of my Gold Arts Award, a national qualification supporting young people develop as artists and leaders.

I have chosen Children with Cancer so the project benefits local people as well keeping it all in Polegate, Polegate residents images, sponsorship and the final product sold for the charity. Each calendar sold will being going directly to the charity as the production costs are covered.

U2.2 winners

Today I rang all the winners to inform them and to get any digital images that I did not all ready have and I have arranged this in a series of folders to help the designers.

I also spoke to two local business about the possibility of donating any envelopes.

The charity also suggested a local printer as my costs would only cover 150 and he does a lot of printing for the charity and may do it cheaper. He has said he will do the printing at a much cheaper rate so my costs now will cover 200.

Monday 18 October 2010

U2.2 judging

At the judging we all spent some time looking at all the images, that we made selections of ones we thought we very good, possible images and ones we did not like. We than talked about the selections and than ordered them for the calendar. This took the best part of an hour.

We felt than the calendars images should be focused tightly on Polegate so we were happy for some people to have 2 or 3 images in there.

We talked about having the calendars at a fixed price. This price is £5 and we feel this should not be a problem to sell them. Each sponsors and winner will be given a calendar as they have made the project possible.

It was suggested that an envelope should be issued with the calendars and I will look into this.

I will also be looking into increasing the print run of the calendars from 150 to 200. The council would like 50 to sell to staff and at an event in November.

U2.2 judging

The 12 winning images

U2.2 judging

Friday 8 October 2010

U2.2 judging

Today I have been talking to Willingdon school to confirm which room the judging will take place in and to find out if I can get there at 15.30 to lay out the images ready to judge at 4pm.

U2.2 - images

Today I went to the council officers to collect fist lot of images and plan to go back next week.

I have had to make sure each image had a form with in and all the details are on the back of the image.

I also have set up a reference sheet for all the images.