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Wednesday 24 March 2010

U1A Gallery Ideas

Today I visited both the National portrait gallery (Irving Penn) and the Photographers Gallery (Deutsch Borse Photography prize 2010.

Both galleys where very good and the images were amazing and I hope to do a full write up for section 1c by the end of April.

I have allays said that I wanted to create and learn about a new art form which could go along alongside my photography After visiting the two galleys I have decided on Graphic Design and to create a leaflet to go with my work and perhaps it could be for exhibition at college later in the year where I hope some of my AS photography will be shown. I am going to up load the leaflets I have and the possible software I know is used for the type of work In-design.

Monday 15 March 2010

U1B Ravensbourne

On Arrival we was briefed on what was going to happen. We was than split into 4 groups to cover all areas of production. Then we would make a TV news show, after we would all watch it back. After this there would be a question and answer session from the course leader about was was on offer and how to apply.

I was in the studio group and assign the role of vision mixer (live editing). The idea of the day was to give an insight into a day of a Ravensbourne student.

However due to equipment failing, news items could not be filmed until later in the day. When it came to the live news show there was no pre recorded features and the interview had to go first so it was filmed back to front with no audio for example headline audio.

Due to delays in the production this took all day and there was no de-brief or anything about the courses. But it was said if you wanted to get on a similar course you would need to be extra media actives outside of college.

For the arts award this was not a brilliant view in career and training but did give an insight onto the tv production course.

Saturday 13 March 2010

AP Action Plan Outline

End of March 2010

Unit 1
A- Visited exhibition and finalized idea
B- Completed Rob's work shop write up and started video

Unit 2
- Contacted Council for advice
- Questions from adviser

End of April 2010

Unit 1
A- Worked on planning project
B- Completed
C - Write up Exhibitions
D - Started to think about ideas.

Unit 2
-Planed out project

Friday 12 March 2010

U1A/C Visits to Gallerys

On Wedneday 24th March I will be travilling to London to visit two photography galleries.

The Photographers' Gallery to see the The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize.

The National Portrait Gallery to see Irving Penn Portraits.

I am visting to see work shown at a professional level and to focus my idea for unit 1.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

U1B Guest Speaker at Local Movie Club

Guest Speaker at Local Movie Club

A few months ago I was approached by a member of the Eastbourne Movie-Makers, to addend one of their meeting as a guest speaker about my film "What Happens When You Call 999?". The member contacted me after reading an article in the local newspaper, about the film being screened during the Co-operative Young Filmmakers Festival at the National Media Museum in Bradford.

So I went to one of their meeting on Wednesday 3rd March 2010. At the meeting the member introduced me, than I introduced the film which was watched by all the members. After the film I talked about how the film came about (the silver arts award and what that was), how I got the access I did and how long it took and the produce of ok'ing the film with the Fire Service. I than answered questions from them about how I made and edited the film for example the use of shots, sound and editing techniques e.g. the split screen and the effect of this. They also asked me what was happen to the film now and what I am doing. I than join the group for that evening's topic which was the members asking question to a member with experience for help in film making, I helped to answer the questions!

Eastbourne Movie-Makers

Friday 5 March 2010

U1B Resarch into career paths

I am going to resarch career paths into a Photographer and a camera operator:

I have looked at these websites for information:

Grenal infromation:

Photographer -

Camera operator -

Courses information:

Photography -

Photography -

Media Production -

Tv Production -

I am aslo going to look at Universities and I am visting Ravensbourne on Monday 15th March for a day of talks and activites which I will write up in a summary.

Wednesday 3 March 2010

U1B The digital work flow process using Lightroom

The digital work flow process using Lightroom

1) Library
This included the import process, file hander ling(how and where to save images), how to set up metadata and key words and how to use them affectively. The selection process using flags, starts and colours and when a quick develop might be useful e.g. white balance and expose.

2) Develop
In develop Rob explained to me the editing process or developing. Histogram (blacks, full light, expose), Treatment to images white balance, toner, toner curve. How to add detail in a shot e.g. sharpening and noise.

3) Slide show
In this stage Rob taught what guides do, using the identity plate, titles, how to add and background along with audio and when a slide show might be useful and final the exporting stage,
4) Print
Rob explains how to print and what stage to print using tool such as margins, page setup and the identity plate.

Monday 1 March 2010

U1B Meeting with Rob

Today I had an email for Rob saying that we would be meeting on Wednesday to go though the digital work flow process and aslo to write up the two days of training and work shadowing.