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Thursday 20 May 2010

U1A Matt Healey Feedback

I am working with media technician Matt Healey to create a 3 fold leaflet using the software Adobe InDesign

U1A InDesign Workshop Write Up

Daniel Dunbar

InDesign Training

Session One:
Discussed the needs of the Student, what his objective was and how best to achieve that.
A brief overview of Indesign was given, highlighting key points that the student needed to know. Those points were:

- Keeping files organised and preparing a new project using structured filing systems
- Layout of New Document - Setting Margins, Bleed, Page size, Columns
- Discussed Facing Pages and master pages, in particular setting up a template for future leaflets

We then created a dummy leaflet layout using the settings to fit an A4 page. Once the template was set up, we went through some key tools needed to create the leaflet:

- Layers - Showed the user how to set out content and how best to manage existing layers
- Swatch Palettes - How to set up a colour scheme for the document
- Text Frame options - Fitting content to the desired size and adjusting columns
- Altering text options - Paragraph settings, justification, text wrapping
- Images- importing, Adjusting size, rotating, altering shape, working with text and images in the same document.
- Styles - Changing effects, Drop Shadows etc. And how to manipulate individual items with various styles and parameters.

The user then used his skills learnt to create a dummy leaflet which contained examples of everything we'd gone through.
We then proceeded to look at the printer settings and how to adjust any parameters to get the right print.

Many thanks,

Matt Healey

MVA Technician
Willingdon Community School

U1A InDesign Workshop

Monday 17 May 2010

U1A In Design training

Today I emailed Matt and have arranged to have a 2 hour session on Thursday 2oth to go over the basics. I have all ready used InDesign in a college unit so Matt is going to show me what he thinks I will need to cover than I will use the software to start to build the leaflet than in June another sessions to go over anything I have left the leaflet.

Monday 10 May 2010

U1A In Design training

Details of the college event in June.

Sussex Downs College
Arts, Communication, Media
Student Diploma Shows.

Open Saturday 12th June 10.00 - 13.00
Monday 14th - Thursday 17th 10.00 -17.00
Eversley House, Cross Levels way, Eastbourne, Bn21 2uf
Tel . 01323 637500 for further details

Friday 11th June Private opening 7-9.30pm

Final year presentations of their work

Saturday 8 May 2010

U1A In Design training

My Adviser has suggested for my further InDesign Training it could be 2x 1 hour sessions or a 2 hour session to cover the training for producing a 3 fold leaflet.

Friday 7 May 2010

AP Action plan Review

What I achieved in April 2010

A- Idea planned out and working on arranging workshop in In Design
B- Awaiting feedback, opportunity research
C - Started to write up exhibitions
D - Started to think about ideas.

Unit 2

Made contact with council with response and thought more about the idea.

What I hope to have done in May.


A- Workshop in In Design
B- Feedback
C - Completed exhibitions write up

Thursday 6 May 2010

U1.A Idea

The idea is for me to design and print a leaflet for a college open house event which will feature my photography work. I will work with Matt Healey (media techincian), in Adobe InDesign and than share the work by having leaflets to hand out to the public.

The events is a college end of year display and i am going to have the leaflet on hand to give to people.

Wednesday 5 May 2010

U1C Event Review

On Wednesday 24th March after a two-hour train journey I arrived at the National Portrait Gallery, to see primarily the work of portrait photographer Irving Penn.

This exhibition housed in the National Portrait Gallery, London was on between March and May 2010 and entry was £10. The exhibition which features over 120, silver and platinum print from his carer in photography, from the last seven decades.

The exhibition was fantastic seeing his work, which spans out over a lifetime. The work was hanged in order, which it was taken so when I walked around the images, it was like taking a step back in history. You could clearly see the change in years, locations, the subjects and their tools and how his style has changed over the years. The cleaver think was when there was a series of images hanged together the end two images who looking out the next two was looking in and the centre image was looking at you the viewer and there was a number of points in the room which was like this. Is this something that he was thinking about when taking the images?

As one of few young people there at the time. I think anyone remotely interested in photography should visit the exhibition as there will be something you could get from it, for example a student studying black and white photography, a photographer or a framer of images. What was good about this is some of the work you can see anywhere else!

After a short walk and seeing the sites of London I visited the Photographers Gallery, London. I went see to see the winners and other entries to the Deuthche Borse Photography prize 2010. Photographers included: Anna Fox, Zoe Leonard, Sophie Ristelhueber and Donovan Wylie.

Once again this set of images was fantastic and inspiring to look at. This exhibition featured a wide range of different types of photography and what made it interesting for me to look at. What I also liked was available near to the image was the photographers background information and story behind the images. However, I did find in disappointing that the one of the images was not there and there was so much space in the room , there was a lot of space between the images and different photographers but may be to help the viewer think about what there have just seen before moving on.

As this was a free event I would recommend this event to others to visit to see the wide range of different photographic styles but I would say it worth travelling far to see. The images are very good but I don’t know how much more you get going to the Gallery to looking to them on the web.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

U1B Eastbourne Moviemakers

U1B Opportunities

Eastbourne Photographic Society

EASTBOURNE PIER by Adrian Manktelow
We are a member of the Kent County Photographic Association (KCPA), the Sussex Federation of Photographic Societies (SxPS) and are affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). Meetings are held at the Eastbourne Blind Society, Longstone Road, Eastbourne, BN22 8DA, UK (map link), from September through to May of the following year.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the society is to help those interested in photography in all its forms, to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of this absorbing and creative hobby. All members are encouraged to take part in the activities of the society which, as well as talks by well-known photographic experts, include competitions for members work and outings.

New Members

irina by Jack Taylor

Beginners are especially welcome, no matter how limited their knowledge or equipment, and there are Tips & Techniques Forums to give guidance on the basics of taking and making good photographs. In addition to this, the ready help and advice of the more experienced members is always available; plus there is a photographic library of books and magazines.

Regular print, slide and digital projection competitions are held. These are divided into classes to give members of all standards the opportunity to compete at their own level, and to receive constructive comments on their work. Shop or trade processed prints are accepted in all classes; digital or computer prints and slides are welcome providing the original image/images are taken by photographic means.

To those of you joining EPS this year, welcome! Many of the club activities and competitions may seem a little confusing, so if you are unclear about anything, please don't hesitate to ask. EPS members aim to be friendly and approachable, so if you feel unsure about anything, find it difficult to get involved, or perhaps feel left out please let the Chairman, or any other Committee Member know. We want you to enjoy your membership, and if you aren't happy, we want to know!

If you are interested in joining EPS please contact us through the ‘Contact Us’ page or turn up at one of our Friday meetings.

Visitors / Guests

Visitors / Guests are always welcome to attend any meetings. Please arrive at about 7.15 so we can welcome you before the meeting starts.

Annual Exhibition of Members Workdust bath amboselli kenya by Pat Staples

Work is framed and displayed on panels, and our aim is that every member should be represented by at least one picture.

Our Competitions

Competitions should really be seen as a forum for members to see and share pictures with 'winning' as a bonus. Find out more about our competitions

(images are recent competition entries)

©2009 Eastbourne Photographic Society

U1B Opportunity for Young Photographers

Young Londoners (aged 15 - 22) can now apply to join Photo Posse, an exciting new skills development initiative run in collaboration between A New Direction and The Photographers' Gallery.

Photo Posse is a special training and work scheme for young people offering a vocational route into further training, education and employment within the arts and creative industries.

Participants will form a working group interested in developing photography skills, and will gain experience at capturing the visual essence of real events such as - talks, receptions, festivals, gigs, performances, corporate events and conferences.

The Photo Posse will receive training and mentoring from experienced professional photographers and educators, with guest talks by a range of professional photographers.

Participants will gain:

  • Training in particular photography styles (documentary, event, portrait)
  • The opportunity to meet and shadow professional photographers
  • A chance to build your portfolio
  • Support for a pathway into further training, study and employment
  • The possibility to have your work published
  • Practical experience in photographing a range of events
  • A host of other transferable skills

U1B The Photographers' Gallery Courses

The Photographers' Gallery runs four courses a year in collaboration with City Lit University and Birkbeck College. The History of Photography, Photography: Critical and Analytic Theory, Contemporary British Photography and Investigating the Archive.


Lighthouse offers a variety of training courses and mentoring opportunities for filmmakers and artists. Our initiatives include script development workshops and introductory courses for screenwriters; the Guiding Lights mentoring scheme for up-and-coming filmmakers; a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Arts run in conjunction with the University of Brighton; and a programme of short courses in various aspects of filmmaking and digital and moving image art production aimed at both beginner and intermediate levels.

Monday 3 May 2010

AP Overview of Gold time scale

Time Scale for totally completion of the Gold Arts Award

Unit 1 - Personal Arts Development

Part A - Extend your own arts practice - Finished by middle of June 2010

Part B - Get involved in the arts world - Completed by end of May 2010

Part C - Research and review - Main section finished by end of May 2010 but also ongoing.

Part D - Form and Communicate a view - Planed in July and finished by September 2010

Unit 2 - Arts Project Leadership

2.1 - Plan an arts project - June to September 2010

2.2 - Deliver the project - October to December 2010

2.3 - Review the project - December 2010