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Arts Award Voice
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Thursday 19 November 2009

U1B Wider Arts Experience

To achieve this wider arts experience, the photographer Rob Walker, has offered me his time and experience to train me in RAW photography.

This Morning I got some information from Rob regarding the training sessions:

The plan is for me to spend a day with Rob at a wedding ceremony on the 5thDecember. The intention is that I would assist him photographing the wedding. In this way, he would be teaching me the process and techniques of RAW photography. I would than need to take some specific shots for him. This would then be followed by another day of processing work-flow, including the selection and editing of the photographs taken. For this I would be working entirely in Raw file format and helping Rob to produce a portfolio for the couple.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

U1B Idea

Today I phoned the Arts Award help desk to check if the idea of two days training was acceptable to them. They took some details and checked with another colleague to make sure that what I was proposing was within the framework for the Gold Award. They later got back to me to say it was ok.

Thursday 12 November 2009

AAA Meeting With Adviser

Today I had a quick talk to my adviser about the idea of me having some training with Rob Walker. She said it was ok, but wanted me to double check with the Arts Award help desk, that what I was proposing was covered by the requirements needed to satisfy this section of the Arts Award.

Thursday 5 November 2009

U1B Metting With Rob

This evening I had a meeting with local photographer Rob Walker and we discussed me shadowing him for unit 1B. He asked me what I would hope to get out of it. We decided it would be more like him training me, so what is planned is about two days of Rob training me in photography at a more advance level, i.e. RAW photograhy.

This would include manual photography,the digital work flow - from start to finish. The main focus point will be training me up in using RAW file format in my camera, and how it is edited. He would then set me a small task to see what I have learned from him and a follow-up session to finish and close everything down.