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Thursday 17 December 2009

U1B Info from Rob

Today I had a email from Rob and we have had to put back the second day for a few reasons but he has asked me to do the following and send them to him:

1. Produce a 2 Print-quality PDF contact sheets; one of the RAW files without any adjustments and another with your interpretation of the images.

2. Start looking at your photos, zooming in to 100% and checking for things like dust-marks or strange colour fringing around detailed areas. If there are any anomalies, look at the tools available to you to try and sort them out.

3. Then you could make a couple of selections and send me them as 16Bit Adobe RGB TIFF files with dimensions of 3500 pixels on the longest side at 300dpi.

Tuesday 15 December 2009

U2.1 Unit 2 idea

I had a thought about unit 2 and it is to organize a photography competition and exhibition. I have spoken to my adviser and this would be perfect so will will talk further about this with her at my next meting.

Thursday 10 December 2009

AAA Meeting With Adviser

Today I had a quick chat to my adviser about what I was doing and my ideas. The main talking point was what it was I wanted to gain from unit 1. After discussing my ideas it became clear that I would like to work with sound but it was more about finding a new way of displaying my work or a art form to make displaying work more interesting and to give the viewer more information. So I am going to visit gallerys to use for other units but also to see how work is displayed and to get ideas on a new art form i would like to learn about for showing my work.

It was also said that I should start to think about any ideas for unit 2 as this unit could take a long time as I might need to arrange a lot like funding and permissions.

Sunday 6 December 2009

U1B The wedding

The first session the wedding started with an email from Rob regarding what I would need to bring: camera, lens, flash etc. on arrival we discussed the how the day would pan out and what camera settings to use for example a high ISO and to adjust the aperture. It was decided that I would befit from observing robs shooting style and to take a few documentary style photographs to equipment in using raw we also set my cam are up to shot both raw and jepg to compare the first un edited results.

Saturday 5 December 2009

U1B The Wedding

Today I went to the wedding with Rob. It was a very interesting experience and we decided to would be easier to write the whole two day up together and the second day will be taking place within a few weeks.

Thursday 3 December 2009

U1B Details for the wedding

Today I received further details from Rob for Saturday the wedding that I would be shadowing/trained in RAW photography.

The plan is:
To meet at the town hall in the early afternoon where the service will begin about an hour later, then there is a gap where we will go through things before heading down to the Pavilion Tearooms. Then there will be a blessing before the party, after this I will stay on longer, so I am ready before the evening starts.

I will need to come with camera, cleaned lenses, flash, batteries and memory cards. Rob said that I would not need to worry about a tripod. For this wedding I would need to be smartly dressed.

We will also discuss about the second day of training which will be focused on the editing stage of RAW photography.