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Saturday 20 February 2010

U1A/C Visits to Gallerys

Today the college told me their have planned some trips one to Ravensbourne and media college for a day of tours and activities so I am going to write the day up and form it as part of my unit 1c and also a trip to London to see some galleries and I hope to use to cover two points in the award one the review stage and also to help me on my ideas on unit 1 which I hope to develop my new skill in something to go along side my photography so I want to see what there is at the galleries to guide the viewer though the work and I also hope to see what the difference is between a national gallery and a local one.

Monday 15 February 2010

AAA Meeting With Adviser

Last week I had a phone conversation with Marina my adviser about my ideas for unit two and gold in general.

It was said that I should develop a time scale for completing gold.

In regards to my idea for unit 2 I need to work on a action plan, look at project planning documents and websites for ideas on how to plan out the project. I should start to think about any support I might need in the project for example sponsors to help finical wise and also where I would want the exhibition and what audience it could be targeted at but also the out comes I hope from the project.

Marina also suggested for to contact the local council and to ask the person who organize their annal photography competition for help or ideas on how to work on the project and she has also sent me a website to look at for resources though the project which are: and some thoughts to cover in my action plans:
Research on the Arts Award website and perhaps on other sites, an art project planning guide or template
Have a think about timescales and begin to draw a schedule up
Think about your audience – who is the competition for
Think about your aims – why are you doing the competition? Why that particular audience?
Is their a brief for the competition (e.g them, age rage, format)
How will people submit their entries?
How will you judge the competition?
Think about a marketing plan – at what points in the schedule will you contact the local paper? Will you need coverage on the radio?
Where will you hold the exhibition? How will you hang the exhibition?
Do you need funding and if so for what parts of the project?
Where could you get this from?