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Wednesday 25 August 2010

U2.2 - Sovereign FM

Today I sent some information to Sovereign FM who will list in on a event guide and on-air.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

U2.2 Competition Info - newletter

Today I have spoken and sent information to Cllr Stephen Shing who is writing about the competition in his news letter. He also said that He would ask people to hand out fliers if I had them printed, I have looked at printing and this would be too costly however Willingdon School have said there would print 100 which I will get out over Polegate.

U2.2 - Local newspapeers

Today I sent the press realese to the Eastbourne Gazette and Sussex Express.

AAA Phone Meeting

Today I spoke to my adviser about how the project is going including:

  1. The school has a few charity boxes I canto use them to collect money in and I will talk to the charity.
  2. Marina is going to get the word out in school - I will make sure it goes in contact and weekly news and on the website. Also in tutor time and up in school. and I will email it to Polegate and Willingdon primary, making clear it is for Polegate residents.
  3. I asked about having the calendars inreception and she said You can speak to me or you can speak to reception directly. But I am happy to sort this for you.
  4. We talked about sending things to the press yet which I have allready done

Monday 23 August 2010

U2.2 library

Today I gave Polegate Library A poster and a number of fliers for on the counter.

U2.2 Sponsors

Today I have started to talk to sponsors regarding sponsorship money and their logos, which I hope to have collected within the next week or so.

I am going to design the advertising strip and than go back to them, with their advert to make sure there happy with it. I am also in discussion with the Charity for there logo to be included.

Saturday 21 August 2010

U2.2 - Posters

Today I have spoken to the local library who has agreed to have a poster and a number of fliers on display and for people to take away. So today I have had a number of posters and fliers printed to give to the library.

Friday 20 August 2010

U2.3 Feedback

I have received this from Peter Longstaff-Tyrrel:

Having produced Polegate calendars in the part . . .
Personally Dan I would very much avoid the word 'Pride' these days due to the Brighton Pride gay day connotations!

U2.2 - Parish Pump

I have said to Maureen that the calendars will be available in November and sold in local shops, I dont know how long the calendars will last as there is only a limited number so If you nearer the time wanted to reserve a few that's ok. However If you wanted to sell them on your website I think the best way is to buy them fist because I will not be able to save any, for if and when people wanted them.

U2.2 - Parish Pump

I will certainly pass this report on to both newspapers - Eastbourne Gazette and Sussex Express. but cannot say how long it will be published, as I am at the mercy of two editors who decided what copy goes into the newspapers.

I have enclosed details of our local history society. I would be interested to sell copies of your calendars on my website - are you able to offer trade prices please?

Thursday 19 August 2010

U2.2 - Parish Pump

Today I sent the this information to Maureen Copping who is the represents the local area for the parish pump.

I am currently running a photography competition for Polegate residents please could the below be include for the parish pump in both the Eastbourne Herald and Sussex Express. How long is it possible to include information for.

Photography, Polegate photographers have a chance to showcase their work in calendar. The Pride of Polegate Photography Competition is open until Friday 15th October 2010. For more information visit:

Monday 9 August 2010

U2.2 Poleagte Town Council

All of the information has be changed and is at:

Thursday 5 August 2010

U2.2 Poleagte Town Council

Today the council published the information on the website at: however I did not like the photocomp part in the link and asked if it could be changed to photography and the page looked empty so I asked if the press release could be added for people to read.

U2.2 Poleagte Town Council

Today I sent the criteria and entry form along with the poster to the council for the website.

U1D - Sovereign FM

Wednesday 4 August 2010

U2.2 Competition Info - newletter

Today I sent the following information to a local councilor who has agreed to talk about it in his newsletter which gets delivered to every household in the area.

Calling All Polegate Photographers

Polegate photographers have a chance to showcase their work in calendar which will than be able available to Polegate residents.

The Pride of Polegate Photography Competition is an opportunity to show everyone what is good about the area and for everyone else to see it.

The prize will be the photographer’s winning images displayed in calendar with their name and title of their photograph.

The competition is open to residents of Polegate who have until midday Friday 15th October to enter their images.

For more information visit: or contact Dan Dunbar

U2.2 Poleagte Town Council

Tuesday 3 August 2010

U2.2 Competition Info

The Pride of Polegate Photography Competition Criteria
The Pride of Polegate Photography Competition Entry Form
The Pride of Polegate Photography Competition Press Release
The Pride of Polegate Pride Photography calendar poster