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Wednesday 30 September 2009

AAA First Ideas Meeting With Adviser

Today I had my first meeting with my adviser to discuss my ideas for the Gold Award. The best way to display the award for me is develop this blog, so that all my work will be posted on here and any paperwork will be kept in a folder.

We then discussed my ideas for Unit 1

Unit 1A Ideas
- Audio
- Editing of sound
- Sound Art or Sound Track
- Linking it to my photographic work

I decided I would like to do some kind of Sound Art and link it to my photography.

I would decide on how to share the work with the public as the piece was being worked on.

Unit 1B ideas

- Towner Art Gallery (Eastbourne)
- Workshop in school
- Shadow local photographer Rob Walker who I have worked with on other projects
- "Access All Areas" Crew

I decided I would like to shadow local photographer Rob Walker and to see what other types of photographic work he is involved in.

Unit 1C ideas

- Research different art practitioners
- Review an event and the artist who developed it
- Also link-in back to 1A

Unit 1D ideas

Have not yet decided on a subject

- Subject could come out of 1B
- Subject could affect me personally

- Could be shared by website, newspaper or some type of public meeting

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