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Monday 3 May 2010

AP Overview of Gold time scale

Time Scale for totally completion of the Gold Arts Award

Unit 1 - Personal Arts Development

Part A - Extend your own arts practice - Finished by middle of June 2010

Part B - Get involved in the arts world - Completed by end of May 2010

Part C - Research and review - Main section finished by end of May 2010 but also ongoing.

Part D - Form and Communicate a view - Planed in July and finished by September 2010

Unit 2 - Arts Project Leadership

2.1 - Plan an arts project - June to September 2010

2.2 - Deliver the project - October to December 2010

2.3 - Review the project - December 2010

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  1. Hi Dan

    this is a really useful timeline - well done. I think it will help you manage college work alongside your Arts Award and it will also help me!