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Wednesday 10 March 2010

U1B Guest Speaker at Local Movie Club

Guest Speaker at Local Movie Club

A few months ago I was approached by a member of the Eastbourne Movie-Makers, to addend one of their meeting as a guest speaker about my film "What Happens When You Call 999?". The member contacted me after reading an article in the local newspaper, about the film being screened during the Co-operative Young Filmmakers Festival at the National Media Museum in Bradford.

So I went to one of their meeting on Wednesday 3rd March 2010. At the meeting the member introduced me, than I introduced the film which was watched by all the members. After the film I talked about how the film came about (the silver arts award and what that was), how I got the access I did and how long it took and the produce of ok'ing the film with the Fire Service. I than answered questions from them about how I made and edited the film for example the use of shots, sound and editing techniques e.g. the split screen and the effect of this. They also asked me what was happen to the film now and what I am doing. I than join the group for that evening's topic which was the members asking question to a member with experience for help in film making, I helped to answer the questions!

Eastbourne Movie-Makers

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  1. Hi Dan, really encouraging to see that the film you made for Silver Level is still attracting interest locally and supporting your growing profile. Well done!