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Wednesday 10 November 2010

U2.3 Calenders Feedback

Calenders Feedback

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  1. Willingdon Coumminty School10 November 2010 at 19:14

    “I have been really impressed with the professionalism Dan has shown in both leading and adapting to changes during the management and delivery of his town-wide photo competition. He engaged with a host of different community bodies and raised sponsorship from a wide variety of sources, resulting in a unique calendar that not only supports local artists but also a local charity. As an ex-student of Willingdon I wish Dan all the best and am pleased he is clearly demonstrating such knowledge and understanding within this area and artform.”

  2. Polegate Town Mayor10 November 2010 at 19:26

    Thought the idea was an excellent one as a fundraiser. Sorry not more people entered - it would have greatly increased our options for choosing 12 months and improved the quality of the finished calendar.

  3. Jayne Bigsby Director - Polegate Glazing Limited11 November 2010 at 16:39

    As a sponsor of the calendar I am very pleased with the finished product. I was particularly impressed with the artwork produced to represent my company.

    I have found your approach to be professional and the finished product is an excellent tool to raise funds for a very worthwhile local charity.

    I believe the organisational skills involved have proved you had approached this with great maturity and have put in a lot of hard work to see it come to fruition.

    There must have been many stages involved in this project and you are to be congratulated on your skills not only as a photographer but your planning skills, presentation skills and marketing strategy.

    I am pleased to be associated with this calender and would not hesitate to enter into another project with you should the opportunity arise.

  4. Children With Cancer Fund11 November 2010 at 16:40

    Been very impressed with the quality of the finished product. Dan has
    worked extremely hard with the project and given the local community a lot
    of opportunities to be involved at various stages. We are very grateful
    that he's chosen Children With Cancer Fund to benefit from the project.

  5. Roger Blackwall - One of the winners13 November 2010 at 11:50

    A convenient size and an overall likeable design. Advertisement strips at
    the base of the calendar months were neat and not too obtrusive. Would have
    liked to see public holidays marked on the calendar block. Colours reproduced
    well, but felt front cover was rather dull. Would have been better if the
    sweeps of the mill appeared as white against a brilliant blue sky and this
    would give the lower half more punch! Children with Cancer logos and type face
    well placed in position above the mill. Photo at top right looked dead and
    uninteresting due to lack of light on the subject. This looks like part of the
    Cuckoo Trail and I know this is difficult. Perhaps a wide photo across the
    strip above the mill picture may have helped.

    General feeling from other people that it is a good effort, but over-priced,
    but appreciate cost of printing and admin. is expensive and naturally a profit
    is required for such a worth-while charity.

  6. Trevor Stone - One of the winners13 November 2010 at 11:51

    The competition seemed to be very well run and you ended up producing an
    excellent calendar. I admire you for all the effort you must have put into
    it, getting sponsorship, organising it, etc. Very well done!

  7. Archer & Partners21 November 2010 at 14:08

    I thought the calendar was very well done and our advert stood out, so we were very please with the result.