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Sunday 21 November 2010

U2.3 Project Report

For my project I organized a photography competition for my local area, seeing the best 12 images reproduced into a calendar sold for a local charity. The aspect I enjoyed the most was receiving the photo and guessing what the panel would like. I found the most challenging thing to be was getting the sponsorship to pay for the calendar as I had to contact over 60 local business before getting 12 to confirm.

I first looked into the price to make 150 calenders. I than started to get the sponsors so I knew that the project was going to work. It was at this stage I decided there would be sold for charity. I than approached the local parish council for their support in the use of their website as well as using the office as a drop of point for entries. I than got all the information sorted out and send to different people who could help spread the word. I than ran the competition for about 8 weeks and than the judging took place, where it was decided that we needed more calenders so I contacted the printer the charity uses which resulted in a better price but also a better finished project as they did a lot of work on the design and turned it around quickly. Once the calenders were out being sold and people were still coming to me for calenders and places to sell them at and I know that there was a few places I wanted to sell at I decided to privately fund for some more to be produced.

There was been mixed opinions about the finished product but gladly the most of them was positive:

"seemed to be very well run and you ended up producing an excellent calendar"

"Been very impressed with the quality of the finished product"

"I am pleased to be associated with this calender"

"Thought the idea was an excellent one as a fundraiser"

"I have been really impressed with the professionalism Dan has shown"

I have discovered that most people of Polegate really do like the product however I fell that a few images needed to be more recognizable of scenes of Polegate as one lady said there was a few pictures which she did not know of being Polegate and I feel. It that aspect which could of been improved on I also think that people feel that the price may be slightly too high which I think has put people of buying the calender.

What I have learned about leadership is that what you have leading the project that you know the idea in side out so you know about every aspect of the project to answer any questions or to know what is happening. I have also found out that you all ways need to be in contact with people involved otherwise it drags on and takes longer to happen. I have found out that every detail needs to be planned out otherwise a plan could easily fall behind schedule for example it took two weeks to get something it a local newspaper which I did not think would happen.

When running the competition I have discovered new ways and ideas on photographing the local area which I had never thought about before and new techniques others have used. I also had a chance to compare ways of presenting images for example borders etc.

I have allready been asked if I was doing this again and I would consider it as I have enjoyed seeing the project come along and develop into a finished product. I would either plan a lot more out or take more time and just let it plod along. I would like to see a price drop giving more chance of selling more calendars. When it comes to the competition I would like to see more people involved e.g. the younger age group, under 11 which no one entered. I would also give different themes to photograph as some people had problems in finding ideas and also have a simpler brief with no technical words which some did not underspend. I would also want a point where people could go to get more information as some people could not access the internet.

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  1. I simply want to wish you all the best in your future endeavours. After meeting and talking with you, it appears to have a clear idea of what it is you want to achieve - now you just have to find the best route there! Never be afraid to experiment and keep note of your mistakes - they're your best learning tool.

    T'was a pleasure!