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Sunday 6 December 2009

U1B The wedding

The first session the wedding started with an email from Rob regarding what I would need to bring: camera, lens, flash etc. on arrival we discussed the how the day would pan out and what camera settings to use for example a high ISO and to adjust the aperture. It was decided that I would befit from observing robs shooting style and to take a few documentary style photographs to equipment in using raw we also set my cam are up to shot both raw and jepg to compare the first un edited results.

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  1. I thought that Robs approach to the wedding was relaxed enough so the couple was not all was thinking about pictures.

    Rob did I think take a lot of pictures as and when events happened but he knew what images he had to get and how to get them. While we was there was planning ways to get the most out of what he had for example in a very small room, he thought about how he could move around to get different shots and also how to get in front of the couple as soon as it finished to get different shots.

    I am very glad that rob was able to talk to me thought-out the day at different stages about what had or will happen and how to get the best shots.