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Wednesday 28 April 2010

AAA Meeting With Adviser

Today I had a meeting with Marina my adviser. We general discussed my progress on the Arts Award and my ideas.

General - I should rename the posts on the blog to make it easier to all looking at it to see what posts refer to what section of the award.
Unit 1

A - The idea is for me to design and print a leaflet for a college open house event which will feature my photography work. I will work with Matt Healey (media techincian), in Adobe InDesign and than share the work by having leaflets to hand out to the public.

B - Rob feedback sould be left as a post to the blog.
- Also I should include opportunity's for the career research for example - local clubs, light house Brighton, BFI, Tate gallery.

D - This should be based on my experience and after talking about what I found difficult the possible subject might be "how hard it is for someone studying a creative course in school to get an outside visit or resources and how this changes the way you work on the subject". This could be a talk, poster, video and also should include comments from others.

Unit 2

I should answer her questions for the previous meeting, the ones from arts award and any the council might have.

- Needs to be something I would want to enter.
- Where is the competition
- Who is it open to
- How to enter do I need prints
- Needs something to enter over / what happens to the image
- Judging - perhaps a local photography club, would they want to enter
- what to do with the images

I had the idea for the winners images to be made into a calender

- Sponsorship
- Logos
- Local support - parish council
- Where to get them made - National company (online) or a local printer
- How to share them are there sold or free

When I am organizing the competition I would need to work backwards e.g.

When do you want them,
How long to print,
How long to Judge,
How long to get the entries together,
How long is the competition open for.
How to spread the word.

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