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Tuesday 6 April 2010

AP Action Plan Outline Review

What I achieved in March 2010

Unit 1
A- Visited exhibition and finalized idea
B- Completed Rob's work shop write up and video

End of April 2010

Unit 1
A- Worked on planning project
B- Completed and checked by adviser
C - Write up Exhibitions
D - Started to think about ideas.

Unit 2
Made contact with council and got a solid idea and have a full action plan with adviser questions answered.

1 comment:

  1. I have found working in Light room very use full and can see how it will benefit me from now on. There are so many tools which I can use for different aspects of image management and editting. I have allready used the benefits of the slide show options as the same pictures can quickly be changed slightly e.g. titles ect for different people.

    An example where I will find it of great help is when I take photographs of a cycling racing league, in low level light and not being able to use flash. So now I know i can shot at higher ISO and a different speeds and still be able to get a good result.