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Wednesday 28 April 2010

U2.1 Council Advice Response

Here's an overview of what you need to think about. Feel free to ring me in the office next week if you want to talk about any of it in more detail, or email me if you prefer.

First off, you need a theme. We try to develop one that is relevant in a wider context/where there may be media coverage about a certain topic already as this means people may be more interested and aware of your topic. So this year, our theme is loosely based around the UN Year of Biodiversity - and our theme will be 'Hidden landscapes'. Choose a theme that allows for a number of different interpretations - so we are suggesting people can take photos of natural landscapes, urban environment, people or they can go for a more abstract interpretation.

Decide what categories of entry you are going to have - we have 3: 16+. 11-15 years and under 11. The hardest group to reach are the 11-15 years and we tend to have fewer entries from them. As we are a County Council, we allow entries from anyone who is resident in East Sussex. Will you be doing the same or going national?

Launch date and closing date. Allow enough time for people to enter.

Decide on how you will publicise your event - for us, we use our website and our Council magazine, plus we send out a press release to local newspapers, we design posters (A3) and flyers (A5) and send these to libraries and schools. You will need to design a poster and write the copy to go on it - think about the image you use on your poster (if you use an image - you may go for typography only). And write your copy so it makes the theme v clear but allows for people's imaginations to explore the idea. Don't clutter your poster - we put v little copy on there and point people to our website for more info. Could you create a website for the competition and that way you can display everything on there - the theme, the copy that explains it, the rules, the entry form, competition closing date etc. Then you can display the winning pics on the website after the judging.

You will need to state what the rules are somewhere - if you can put it on a website then you have more room. If you are only working on paper, then you need to write the rules v succinctly and probably put them on the back of flyers. These need to cover things like - what format can people send pics in, how many can they send (we allow 3), can they be b&w as well as colour, where should they be resident to enter the competition, judges decision is final, if they take pics of people do they need to have a consent form signed by the person they have taken the pic of, are you going to reuse the winning photos? If so, where? By entering, does the photographer retain the copyright but grant you permission to use the image for, say, 2 years and where would you use the image? (For us this is relevant as we often use the images we receive on our website or in Council publications). But you need to make sure you take any publications out of distribution once the permission for use period has passed. Create an entry form that people have to complete - to include name, address, email, phone number, titles of photos, signature, and that they have read the rules. They can submit the form electronically and the signature can just be them typing their name.

Prizes - ring local photography shops etc to see if they'll give you vouchers that you can give away.

Who will judge the competition - ask around anyone you know + in local camera shops, colleges etc if they know of good up and coming local photographers, or try to get a big name just be contacting them and telling them honestly what you are trying to achieve. Most people remember that they had to start out somewhere too and are happy to help if they can. You shouldn't have to pay the judge.

Regarding how can people submit the photos - in the past we have asked people to send them in as prints. This year, we are going to open a Flickr account for submissions.

Prize giving and a private view - try to arrange an exhibition of the winning photos either at a gallery or public space. Perhaps make the opening night a private view for the winners and their family and friends, and invite some press, heads of art or photography from local colleges etc.

I hope this helps - there's a lot to cover but as I said, I'm very happy to talk to you more about this.

Best wishes and good luck with it all

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