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Thursday 10 June 2010

U1A Feedback

Any feedback I revive on the leaflet will be posted here as comments


  1. Jemma Matthews11 June 2010 at 11:26

    I am doing a design course at University and I think the leaflet is really well designed, a nice clear colour scheme and clear eye-catching images throughout. I like the use of images in the centre, the leaflet doesn't have too much text to read which is good.I think the fonts are a good size and very readable, and the directions on the back are very clear with a clear readable map.

  2. The leaflet observers the conventions of a professionally produced iteam of informative marketing material.

    It has a simple clear front cover with a strong image.

    It has a clear hierarchy of information on the cover.

    The inside spread presents the students best photographic work clearly.

    The rectangular grid layout of the photographs is balanced by a cut out of the student to soften the visual effect.

    Colour has been used in a clear and restrained manner. The highlight of key items of information.

    The back page has well laid out information on event times and locations.

    Overall the document succeeds well in its task of promoting a students show material.

    Martin Bannon
    Lecturer, Media production.