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Wednesday 30 June 2010

U2.1 Plan Ahead printing

Today I went to the local printer to discuss pricing for the production of calendars.

The main points were:

14 pages is too costly.
A5 I said is too small.
A3 half ed did not look very good.
A mix of colour and b/w.
Double sided.

I decided the best way would be doubled sided.

The binding is job on its own and a fixed price of 0.90p per unit and the cheapest printing would be £3.15 so he said it would be around £4 per unit, he aslo gave me some sample paper and an example calander that they produced for this year.

So the total price for 100 calendars would be £400 and I would need to design the calander so I will be looking at different printing solutions.

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