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Thursday 10 June 2010

U1C Media Profile, Paul Giddings

Paul Giddings a BBC producer and director.

Paul Studied media before a degree in media and English at Eamand and York University. While working with the BBC he has worked on Chuckle vision, Doctor who and Eastenders specials. When he is producing he is in charge of budget, staff and health ad safety. When he is directing he is in control of the creative side.

While doing his degree they had to do a months internship. He thought about programmes he liked and wrote to the producer and got one week on the BBC Watchdog which than turned into the full 3 months. After his degree he spent one year as a runner which he describes as “the good ones are like gold dust” he than spent six months in drama publishing before Eastenders Publishing. After this he over saw the re-launch of CBBC in 2007. His biggest projects include scripts for sport relief, only in America and Eastenders Specials.

He also said that being able to change the schedule and script quickly is important. Paul has been at the BBC for ten years but only the last three have been on a staff contract.

His advice is to stay in contact with college friends as these will form contacts later on. Also keeping details of contacts, knocking on doors, work placements are training schemes are good to build on skills.

He also advises that when you go to speak to people you should: watch their programmes, know the subject, talk to people in the company, have opinions and have a show reel.

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