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Saturday 3 July 2010

U2.1 Councilor Stephen Shing

Today I meet with councilor Stephen Shing to discuss my aims with the competition and calendar.

I asked Stephen about local competitions and there is very few and no photography competitions open to residents.

I also asked Stephen to help with judging the competition and he also suggested two local people who are the Chairman + Secretary of the Seaford Photographic Society, but I would need to move fast in planning this to allow time to book the date of judging.

Stephen also said that I would need to make a decision about the size of the calendar, how many etc o more asking for sponsors and that £25-£30 isn't such a bigger amount to sponsor and should fine this easily as long as I sell it to the owners and show them what it going to look like where it going etc.

Stephen has also agreed to talk about the competition in his news letter which goes to every house hold in the area (8,000). I am planing to meet with Stephen again in early August and he finish's the editing for the newsletter in mid August and gets delivered in the last week of August.

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